Thursday, April 10, 2014

The Devil in Montmartre

My new historical murder mystery, The Devil in Montmartre: A Mystery in Fin de Siècle Paris, will be out this year in hardcover edition from Pegasus Books (Distributed in the U.S. by W.W. Norton, & Co) with an expected December 15, 2014 publication date.

Amid the bustle of Paris’s 1889 Universal Exposition, workers
discover the mutilated corpse of a popular model and Moulin
Rouge Can-Can dancer in a Montmartre cesspit. Hysterical 
rumors swirl that Jack the Ripper has crossed the Channel, 
and Inspector Achille Lefebvre enters the Parisian underworld 
to track down the brutal killer. His suspects are the artist
Toulouse-Lautrec; Jojo, an acrobat at the Circus Fernando; and
Sir Henry Collingwood, a mysterious English gynecologist and 
amateur artist.

Pioneering the new system of fingerprint detection
and using cutting-edge forensics, including crime-scene
photography, pathology, and laboratory analysis, Inspector 
Lefebvre attempts to separate the innocent from the guilty.
But he must work quickly before the “Paris Ripper” strikes

“Fin-de-siecle Paris comes brilliantly alive in The Devil in Montmarte. With an insidious conspiracy against Toulouse-Lautrec and a cast of characters including artists, writers, Can-Can dancers, and an evil circus clown, Gary Inbinder lays a plot as fascinating as the midnight streets of the Parisian Right Bank.” (Michael Wiley, Shamus Award-winning author of A Bad Night’s Sleep)

“Has Jack the Ripper reemerged in Paris? Or did Toulouse-Lautrec, or any number of colorful suspects, dismember a beautiful young woman? With vivid historical detail, Inbinder takes us on a twisted journey through gaudy, gritty fin-de-siecle Paris to a shocking denouement.” (Barbara Corrado Pope, author of The Missing Italian Girl)